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Welcome to the OpenTissue Wiki.

OpenTissue is [a collection of] generic algorithms and data structures for rapid development of interactive modeling and simulation.

Free for commercial use, open source under the ZLib License.

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Programming Guides

  • Core
    - Atomic building blocks that are commonly used throughout all OpenTissue components, including data structures and algorithms.
  1. BIG Matrix-Vector Library (large scale)
  2. The Mesh Programming Guide
  3. The Tetrahedra Mesh Programming Guide
  • Collision
    - Methods for detecting collisions between motion-independent objects and creating contact information.
  1. Optimal Spatial Hashing
  2. Bounding Volume Hierarchy Data Structure
  3. Signed Distance Field Collision Library
  • Dynamics
    - Collection of methods for mathematically modeled simulations and physics-based animations, including rigid, soft, and fluid body dynamics.
  1. Multibody Body Dynamics
  2. Damped Wave Equations
  • Kinematics
    - Methods for kinematic animations, including inverse kinematics, skinning, and key-framed character animation.
  1. Character Animation
  • GPU
    - Collection of general purpose algorithms and methods performed on the GPU (GPGPU).
  1. The Image and Texture Programming Guide
  2. Volume Visualization
  • Utility
    - Large collection of miscellaneous utilities, mostly for OT-based applications.
  1. Using the Demo Glut Application Framework
  2. The OpenGL Programming Guide
  3. The Shader Programming Guide
  4. Utility Programming Guide

Learn More

Here is a few suggestions

  • Learn more about generic programing reading a textbook.
  • Learn about the C++ programming language from a textbook.
  • Learn more about solving problems with C++ by reading a textbook
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